Angela Bentley is a qualified Level 2 Wim Hof instructor and transformational coach.  Working with groups and individuals to give them levels of clarity, courage and calm that they didn’t know were possible.  

Her mission is to help people take their health, strength and happiness to the next level.  To really see what they are capable of.  To build resilience and internal focus, to step outside comfort zones and into purpose, value and authenticity.  

The Ice Warrior represents our own alchemy through the elements, bringing together water, air, earth and fire.  When you become the alchemist of your own being you are both the scientist and the philosopher in one.  Through the alchemy of these elements you will start to transform and find our own powerful journey.

Understanding these four elements is the key to fathoming our own minds.  Knowing how to link one element to another is the foundation for personal development.  It is the balance of these four elements in each of us that really makes the difference to live our most authentic lives, push past fear and elevate all aspects of our lives.

Through the Ice Warrior we learn to feel the right balance of the elements, how to build them into our lives and start to understand the science. You will start to become intuitive and understand how they are intertwined with each other.  Once you start to practice all four in harmony here is where you will feel ALL THE LOVE AND ALL THE POWER and you become your own alchemist!! 


Water in nature can be powerful just to observe, to touch to feel.  To connect with this element through the cold is so powerful. Water is nurturing, compassionate, tranquil, self awareness and intuitive.  Water rules the subconscious mind. 


Through nature we are held strong by the earth.  Keeping us grounded and connected to ourselves, others and energy.  The earth is stable, reliable and will be there when needed. Keeping that reassurance close and regular a sense of knowing that you are never really alone. 


Air through the breath can take you where you want o go.  When you truly connect with air as your breath you gain emotional control, wisdom, clarity, ideas come to life and the overwhelm subsides. 

Air creates a safe space to be, feeling inner peace. 


Lighting your inner fire you will see confidence, positivity, ambition and creativity.  Authentic leadership with vision and high self esteem.  You feel it in your heart and it just continues to grow. 

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